This is a dedication. Crossing the Rubicon, a project that began in the mid of 2011, is indeed a Quest for the Sound of Truth. As I began looking for some answers, the journey literally started as I went footloose. Travelling for a month in some of the remotest Himalayan regions, this was one of those life-time journeys for me that I will never forget, rather always cherish as one of the precious memories. The music in this album, with 13 + tracks, will comprise of various themes, including Cosmos, Love, Life and Truth; and will probably accompany the tale of my 30 day journey that I'm writing, which might catch your breath when you read. :)

The album will be split into 5 parts, each with a unique theme.
Listen a demo track, Dark Matter, below. Or, watch a beautiful Teaser video of the album, made by my friend MADI Maverick, on YouTube.


Lyric :
reasons... treasons... (2)
what matters... all shatters... (2)
reasons... treasons... (2)
what matters... all shatters...
melting into the dark matter (3)
dark matter(3)

Hope you will enjoy this listening as much as I am enjoying making it. :)

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